The question was how to approach and stand out on the European skydiving gear market. Skydive Opal brand originates from the Formation Skydiving 4 Way Dive pool. Skydiving competition values represent the excellence in the brand. On the other hand the Opal stone protects and gives strength to the righteous. These values fuel the mission and vision of the brand Skydive Opal pro shop.

Skydive Opal pro shop
Por-fly skydive suits


Although having one of the best suits in the industry and an excellent line of products, Pro-fly‘s market share and recognition were marginal. The company actually had no proper brand. Jaka developed a main brand, synchronized the product logos and determined the product theme that reflects the company‘s spirit.



There was an idea of how to make things better, easier and more enjoyable. We gave it life. Our motto is to help professional athletes and sports enthusiasts to stretch their potentials and feelings to a higher level. In the fast and stressful everyday life we build the products that will keep your body ready for the maximum performance while the injury risk is minimized. We search the balance of comfort and top level experience. We believe that our potential is unlimited. Waii is the new step ahead.

Benedik design WAII
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