With it‘s natural sound PowerArt cello respectfully mimics the tone of a standard acoustic cello, and at the same time eliminates certain drawbacks. It can be easily dismantled and transported while still preserving the essential dimensions of a classical cello. With it‘s innovative OpenNeckConcept PowerArt cello allows the musicians to play along the entire neck of the instrument without finger technique.

PowerArt Cello
Olaf-scooter by Benedik design


Olaf-scooter was designed for people that want to avoid the hassles of traffic by commuting with this backpack scooter. The design team was able to minimize the number of scooter, trolley parts necessary, making Olaf scooter one of the lightest scooters currently on the market.



Hangers utilize narrow spaces of anterooms and entrances. Self standing options could be placed in any space adding functionality with an aesthetic twist. Buds have the potential to develop in true modular furniture for anteroom with seats, shelves and lighting creations. more...


Benedik design Buds
Fumis interface redesign


The goal of the project was to redesign the Fumis interface module, so it would allow easy cost efficient client customization. One side front mounting enables fast production and quick maintenance. High grade polycarbonate with back print and unlimited color selection with an intuitive interface make it a work of art.


With its light curves Asia touch brings life into conventionally dull racks. The design opens up spaces near corridors adding value to space without losing storage room on the racks. The curves add options of modularity to the series that includes chests, benches and racks. more...

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