Our mission

Benedik design studio was founded by a group of sport fanatics and freelancers led by Jaka Benedik. We started off as just a group of people trying to find solutions and products to help us perform better in sports. When what the market had to offer wasn’t enough, Jaka with his background in engineering and an innovator by nature started to design and develop his own solutions. His solutions/products were soon recognized first on a national level (Biennial of Design Ljubljana, Slovenian forum of innovation, Charm of Wood) and later on the international level, when he was presented with the Red dot award 2012 and a special mention in 2013. When confirmations of his work started coming from all around, Jaka decided to put together a team of people with the expertise and experience, that could help him generate solutions and innovations on multiple areas. The team at Benedik design studio wants to give "use” back to the user, put function back alongside form, and design innovations and not innovate design. Our goal is to innovate and design with the end user in mind and to optimize the development process (from concept to prototype) for the client.

Why fix it if it‘s not broken ?

What if we increase your product´s value by improving it‘s functionality, decreasing your product´s weight and size, widening your product´s target audience and lowering your production costs ?

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