Benedik design studio is constantly working on solutions and innovations on many different areas, from everyday life to fashion, technological solutions and sports industry etc.. We have plenty of concepts developed to the point, where the only thing we need is an investor ready to financially back the final stages of product development and start the production process.


Imagine a full face helmet made out of natural fibers, one for all sports, with unparalleled performance and safety. Lightweight and durable, water resistant, made out of......

Benedik design helmet
Olaf-scooter by Benedik design


Ultimate gear bag for your hobbies or sport activities, multiple separate compartments, strong zippers and double stitches? Yes, and will throw in the weatherproof factor for free + wear and tear resistant...


Excellent visibility, low power consumption, applicability, just a backpack with a twist. A must have for everyone on the road, bicycle, skateboard, longboard...

Benedik design Run over protector
Targetbag Saturn


Sport stilettos, every woman's dream. A running shoe that transforms into a high heel office shoe in a second. A foldable heel is no more a dream...


We use boxes for storage, why not use them for kitchen appliances. Imagine multiple.......

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